Clearing up copyright confusion for content creators with attorney Danielle Liss

As a content creator, does the whole subject of copyright leave you super frustrated or entirely glazed over? Or maybe you're worrying that a copyright owner is going to drop a big fat cease and desist letter or lawsuit on you for violating her rights. And perhaps you're blissfully sailing along right-clicking and downloading images and videos left and right to add to your blog posts and social [...]

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Video strategist Sheryl Plouffe: live streaming is the best way to start marketing with video

What do you do for an encore after logging 20,000 hours of live broadcast television experience? If you're Sheryl Plouffe, you become a video strategist and help marketers learn video marketing. You can watch the video interview above with or without subtitles, or read this transcript (edited for clarity and flow): Key takeaways: Sheryl Plouffe has 20,000 hours of live TV [...]

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How to feel confident on camera

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (er -- scratch that -- aren’t we all, in the midst of this pandemic?), you know that video is prolific these days. In our Facebook and Instagram feeds, we’ve been seeing even more viral videos, ads from marketers, and personal videos from our family and friends. In fact, Hubspot predicts that marketers will continue to increase their use of video in [...]