Clearing up copyright confusion for content creators with attorney Danielle Liss

As a content creator, does the whole subject of copyright leave you super frustrated or entirely glazed over? Or maybe you're worrying that a copyright owner is going to drop a big fat cease and desist letter or lawsuit on you for violating her rights. According to this article from Forbes, even GIFs may be subject to copyright lawsuits. And perhaps you're blissfully sailing along right-clicking and downloading images and [...]

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Maximize your smartphone video quality with gear that won’t break the bank

Creating your home or mobile video studio can seem daunting, expensive, and overwhelming. There is a wide array of smartphone gear out there that makes the decisions about maximizing the quality of your videos even more confusing. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be! We sat down with expert Eddie Garrison of Digital Media Creators Academy to discuss the gear you need to enhance your videos on [...]

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