Anyone who uses Zoom by now knows the pain of having to flip around between apps while you’re in a meeting. The annoyance of having to flip from your Zoom meeting to that document folder, agenda, and chats is all too real (and just another contributor to Zoom fatigue). Wouldn’t it be much easier if all the apps just talked to each other and showed up in one spot? 

Enter Zoom Zapps: a new way to collaborate with your team inside of Zoom using tools that you probably already use in your job. 

What are Zoom Zapps?

Zoom Zapps are popular apps that have been designed to integrate directly with Zoom. They save Zoom users the heartburn of having to switch between Zoom and often-used productivity apps by allowing for using those apps right inside the meeting. 

We all know how prolific Zoom fatigue is by now, and so any kind of help we can get to make the experience easier — even if it’s just by saving us from having to flip from window to window in a meeting — is a fantastic benefit. 

As of December 1, 2020, these Zoom Zapps remain in development, but their demos were so exciting for us that you better believe we’re on the waitlist for each of these Zapps! We’ll update this post as we get news of any releases. 

The three productivity-increasing Zoom Zapps we’re most excited about:

1. Slack

Slack has both existing and future integrations with Zoom in the works. We’ll cover the one you can use right away first.

Zoom already has functionality built into Slack which, according to Slack, is used by 1 million people each month to start Zoom meetings directly within their app. To integrate Zoom with Slack, go to “Add Apps” on the menu bar inside the Slack app and add Zoom. Slack will take you through steps to authenticate Zoom, then provide you with a list of shortcodes you can use to start Zoom meetings within a channel or direct message. Here’s what those codes look like:

Just type /zoom in your chat, for instance, to start a Zoom meeting with your channel or message recipient. The app will automatically generate meeting invitation info within the chat, with you as the host. 

Conversely, Slack also has plans for integrating its app within Zoom. In the future, you’ll be able to work in Slack directly inside a Zoom meeting instead of having to switch back and forth between apps. This is great because although Zoom has a chat function and the ability to save meeting chats, productivity is increased when those chats can live and continue in an app like Slack.

Check out the Slack Zapp teaser video:

2. Dropbox

The upcoming Dropbox Zoom Zapp lets teams collaborate on creating agendas, taking notes, and capturing follow-up tasks right inside of their Zoom meetings. The app will create a meeting page for each upcoming meeting where agendas, tasks, and relevant attachments can be updated and stored.

All of this can be shared with meeting participants before and after the meeting AND during the meeting, right inside of Zoom. So much easier to find everything in one place instead of digging through your inbox!

 Check out the demo:

3. Trello

 If you’re not already using Trello, you’ve gotta try it out. Trello boards allow you and your team to collaborate on projects and We use Trello every day and wouldn’t be able to run our studio without it. 

 With future Zoom integration, you can use Trello to plan an engaging “townhall” meeting with a list of topics. Townhall attendees can add questions to the Trello board and even vote for the ones they want to be answered. Here’s the productivity boost: Q&A answers are recorded, transcribed, and saved to the card, saving you from having to type them in. The townhall is recorded and saved to the Trello board for team members to revisit later. 

Watch the demo:

 There are a number of apps on their way including Asana, Unsplash, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Survey Monkey. Be sure to check out the complete list of Zoom Zapps here, including links to app demos and waitlist signups.

Zoom Zapps are just another reason why we prefer Zoom over any other video conferencing platform. Zoom is doing a stellar job with updates and integrations.