Email and social media scripts

[modify as you see fit] Email: Subject: Need any help? My friends at Bald Guy Studio are putting up some really helpful blog posts about Zoom and moving in-person operations online using Zoom. Here's one I thought you might like [link to a specific post] [your name]  Our blog posts are here.     Social media: Place a link to one of our blog posts on your social media channels [...]

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Cold email scripts – send to people you don’t know but think are good prospects

Option A: Subject: Introduction? Are you having the same success with your Zoom meetings as you did face-to-face before the outbreak? Unfortunately, most online video meetings for [type of business or businesses] aren't performing as well. Typically within a 15 minute Zoom meeting I can help you start to turn that around. We're doing three calls a day for free to help out during the pandemic. Would you like to [...]

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Warm lead email or call script – use with someone you know

If emailing: Subject line options: Need any help? I’ve got a question 🙋 Hi, [name], I was thinking about you and wondering how [your organization] is dealing with online meetings and presentations. So many organizations are struggling with the transition to online ... everything! If you’re having issues with how to manage video conferencing confidently and professionally, my friend Chuck can help. When the virus outbreak shut the Glen Echo [...]

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Step 2: Phone call and challenge assessment

When you get your contact on the phone, remember to come from a place of service. We are here to help! And take notes! Say you've been thinking about her/him and are glad you can catch up. Ask how she/he is doing amid the coronavirus outbreak. Ask about how their business or organization is managing in general. Ask if they are moving some or all of their organization's activities online. [...]

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Step 3: Personal response and followup

Chuck will then: create a quick personal video in which he'll respond to each of the prospect's concerns. The idea is to introduce your prospect to one of the folks who created the training, thereby gaining more trust while simultaneously responding to the prospect's challenges. he'll email that video to you, and you can forward it to your prospect with a message like: As I mentioned, I passed your video [...]

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