I’ve seen concerns around Zoom’s security, including “Zoom Bombing” in the news. Does your training address security?

Yes, we have a training module focused specifically on security. Our training coaches you on how to keep your meetings, classes, and presentations secure while putting you in charge of ensuring your audience members participate appropriately.  Zoom is undergoing an upgrade in their quest for tight security, and this module presents recent news on their efforts.

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What kind of information is contained in the seven training modules?

Here are descriptions for each of the six training modules: Getting Started: This module contains information on ensuring you have the appropriate account type for your organization, using the optimal setup of your Zoom software, account, and profile. Scheduling a Meeting: This section provides training on properly scheduling a Zoom "meeting." Zoom uses the term "meeting" to cover all kinds of sessions including classes, events, and art gallery openings. We [...]

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