Here are descriptions for each of the six training modules:

Getting Started: This module contains information on ensuring you have the appropriate account type for your organization, using the optimal setup of your Zoom software, account, and profile.

Scheduling a Meeting: This section provides training on properly scheduling a Zoom “meeting.” Zoom uses the term “meeting” to cover all kinds of sessions including classes, events, and art gallery openings. We also cover which settings to enable and disable for your needs.

Running a Meeting: This one provides training on Zoom’s meeting features, including audio/video configuration, screen sharing, and managing participants. It covers tactics like muting everyone on arrival into the “waiting room,” and how to use Zoom’s remote control feature.

Keeping Your Meetings Secure: This module includes Zoom’s important security features and how to use them to prevent “Zoom Bombing” and other unwanted activity.

Best Practices for Professional Meetings: This module includes training on optimal lighting and audio setup, maintaining a professional appearance on camera, engaging with participants, and more.

Gear Recommendations: We provide specific recommendations on gear that will enhance your presentations including tripods, mics and cameras. The good news is that with a good smartphone and earbuds, you have the basic kit that you’ll need.

Zoom’s Enhanced Features: We cover these capabilities in Module 7.

  1. Breakout Rooms
  2. Polls
  3. Webinars
  4. Whiteboard and Annotations
  5. Remote Control
  6. Reactions
  7. Facebook and YouTube Live Integration