When you get your contact on the phone, remember to come from a place of service. We are here to help!

And take notes!

  • Say you’ve been thinking about her/him and are glad you can catch up.
  • Ask how she/he is doing amid the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Ask about how their business or organization is managing in general.
  • Ask if they are moving some or all of their organization’s activities online.

If so, say something like this:

A lot of people are suddenly having to meet, teach or do presentations online from home, and many are struggling with the transition. I have some friends at Bald Guy Studio in Charlottesville who may be able to help you guys if you’re having issues with how to manage video conferencing confidently and professionally. Bald Guy Studio is a digital marketing firm, and they used their communication expertise to develop a complete Zoom training for a group of art instructors and students at the Glen Echo Park in Maryland.

Bald Guy Studio is offering the training to other organizations now, and I wonder if it’d help you.

Add any of this if it makes sense or skip to the challenge assessment section below:

Here’s what happened that lead to the creation of the training:

Maryland’s Glen Echo Park, which hosts over 100 instructors teaching hundreds of classes, was suddenly shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Glen Echo’s revenue had plummeted as instructors, who were stuck at home, had no need to rent their studio space at the Park, and the instructors were facing loss of income because students couldn’t take classes for which they had enrolled.

The Park needed a way for instructors to be able to teach online, but no one really knew how to make that happen or how to do it professionally, so they brought in Bald Guy Studio.

The training contains six modules that cover the gamut – from getting started, to keeping sessions secure, to learning what gear is recommended., and includes everything the Park needed to teach their instructors how to create professional-looking classes with their students.

As I mentioned, I thought of you because the training is being rolled out to other organizations now, and I’m wondering if you might be interested in learning more.

If so, I can get Chuck at Bald Guy Studio to help you deal with a couple of challenges you may be facing now.

Sound good? [If yes, proceed]:

Challenge assessment:

Let’s determine two or three challenges that you guys are facing right now.

First, are you using Zoom at the moment? [If not, ask which platform. If they indicate something other than Zoom, continue on because a lot of what we offer applies to other platforms.]

Do you feel your sessions are professionally-produced?

Do you feel you are up to speed on proper camera placement as well as lighting and the importance of audio? Believe it or not, poor audio will cause an audience to lose interest faster that poor video in an online session.

Are you getting the feeling that your attendees are getting burned out with online meetings?

What else are you dealing with?

Close with something like this:

Ok, great! I’m going to send these issues off to Chuck at Bald Guy Studio, and I’ll get back to you shortly with his responses.

Take care, and thanks for your time!

Email Chuck (chuck@baldguystudio.com) the name of your contact, her/his organization, and the challenges they’re facing.