Hey there, Chuck Moran here with Bald Guy Studio and Online Video Mastery™. I was just laughing to myself thinking about how sometimes Zoom fatigue really doesn’t have anything to do with being on Zoom, but in this case, it had to do with setting up Zoom.

So last week I had reached out to a colleague—a new colleague—that I hadn’t met before, and she was very willing to help me with a pricing strategy. So we set up a Zoom for early this week. So Monday comes around and I double-booked a Zoom with my sister at 11 on Monday at the same exact time that this call was supposed to be with my new colleague. I’m rebuilding my sister Ginger’s website for her and It was important for me to meet with her and go over the progress on our call. So I was in a webinar at 10:00 AM and I thought that went till about 10 30 or so, but I was wrong about that. It went all the way till 11, the same time I was supposed to be talking to Ginger.

Well, I get an email message saying that my meeting with this new colleague is coming up in a couple of minutes and I suddenly realized that I’ve double-booked and that I’m sitting in front of my camera, basically not very formally dressed and not dressed appropriately for meeting a new colleague. So I go screeching upstairs, change into a nice collared shirt like this one, like you’re supposed to do, and came flying back down here, slid into my chair and opened up Zoom and clicked on the link that I saw. there.

Well, that brought up my sister’s Zoom because I didn’t realize that I was clicking on a link that was tied to my sister’s Zoom. So Ginger pops up on the screen and I’m like, “Ginger, I’m really sorry. I’ve got to hang up. I’m really sorry. I’ve double-booked myself, and I’ve got this other Zoom that I need to hop on right now because I just got this email reminder and I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

Well, luckily she’s a very understanding person, so she said goodbye. And so we hung up and um, by now it’s oh, about eight minutes after when I was supposed to be meeting with this new person who was willing to help me. So, I go back to her email, find her Zoom link and click on it and the Zoom starts up and there’s nobody there. It’s disconcerting to me that I have stood somebody up that was willing to help me, so, I thought, oh my gosh, what am I going to do now? Well, I didn’t have her cell phone number. I couldn’t text her. So I hopped back on email and I write to her and I say, look, I’m really sorry. I’m in the Zoom. I’m late. I don’t like to be late, but I do apologize. Um, I’m in here. If you want to come in and meet with me now.

So Cecilia writes me back in email and says, Hey man, our Zoom is tomorrow at 11. The email that I got was just a reminder about the meeting that was 24 hours from then … it was not telling me that I should be hopping on Zoom at that exact moment. She said that she noticed that I was in the Zoom waiting room and I thought, oh man, this is getting off to the wrong start altogether.

Anyway, it all worked out both with my sister and with Cecelia. So my admonition to you is to slow down. Don’t do what I did … be a little bit more planful. And when you’ve got Zoom links floating around and emails and reminders and whatnot going on and too many Zooms back-to-back that you think are happening on the same day. Take a little look ahead of time and make sure that you’re clicking on the right links. Anyway, happy Zooming. And I’ll see you out there in cyber