The Center at Belvedere, a Charlottesville, Virginia senior center was right on the brink of opening the doors to its brand new facility when the COVID-19 outbreak hit effectively padlocking those doors shut. 

You can watch the video interview above with or without subtitles, or read this transcript (edited for clarity and flow):

Carolyn Merrick, Program Coordinator

Carolyn Merrick, Program Coordinator. Bio and website below.

CHUCK: (00:01):
Hello, I’m Chuck Moran. I’m the founder of Online Video Mastery™, and I am here to introduce the next in our series of interesting people who are doing interesting things with Zoom. I’m very happy today to be joined by Carolyn Merrick. Carolyn and I have known each other for several decades, at least three. Caroline is a pro at Zoom and that’s why I’ve got her on here. She is a program coordinator at a senior type center; they actually provide services to people who are “50 and better” as they say. And, it’s called The Senior Center or The Center at Belvedere … still getting used to the new name. So Carolyn, welcome to the broadcast. And I would like you to go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself and your position, and about The Center, so take it away.

CAROLYN (00:53):
Great. Thanks Chuck