Project Description

Joanne Bagshaw is a sex therapist, professor, author, and feminist rock star.

From the website: “As a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years, I can tell you with confidence that humans are gloriously complex. It’s something you don’t fully appreciate until you start untangling the knots that make us who we are. …

“Feminism and equality are natural extensions of this exploration into human sexuality; once you acknowledge the role of sex in our day-to-day lives, you can better understand its influence on our social problems, our behavior, our decisions, our mental health, and our relationships. … It’s one of the reasons I was so excited to write The Feminist Handbook. It’s not just a witness of feminism today; it’s a workshop. And we all have work to do.”

Joanne had this to say about the work we did for her:

Highly recommend Bald Guy Studio for branding, social media strategy, and website design. Chuck and his team are easy to work with and professional. I love how seamlessly they were able to pull together different aspects of my work to create a beautiful website.

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