Joanne Bagshaw


Joanne Bagshaw is a sex therapist, professor, author, and feminist rock star. From the website: "As a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years, I can tell you with confidence that humans are gloriously complex. It’s something you don’t fully appreciate until you start untangling the knots that make us who we are. ... "Feminism and [...]

SMT Global Groups


This company has acquired the rights to sell an amazing two-part liquid that destroys every known pathogen. It's environmentally innocuous, and while strong enough to kill ebola, it's safe enough to kill mold in your shower. MDF-500® was specifically designed for U.S. military, federal, and state agencies as well as authorized first responders and [...]

Free Press Daily News


Free Press Daily News is an analysis and opinion magazine designed to confront vitriol perpetuated by the left and right, news organizations and politicians. Our goal is to diminish antagonistic hateful and divisive rhetoric from figures that engage in hyperbole and use ad hominem attacks instead of thoughtful analysis. We designed the logo, branding, website [...]