Project Description

Christopher Tilghman’s life has revolved around his family’s farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Two of his previous novels, The Right-Hand Shore and Mason’s Retreat, tell the multigenerational story of a farm on the Eastern Shore modeled after his own. His new novel, Thomas and Beal in the Midi, picks up the story of Thomas Bayly and Beal Terrell, white landowner’s son and black farm manager’s daughter, who fall in love as teenagers and escape to France in order to live as man and wife.

Chris is a Professor of English and former Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Virginia. He and his wife, the writer Caroline Preston, divide their time between Charlottesville and the Eastern Shore.

Launch Website

Here’s what our client had to say:

[My new website] is beautiful, surprising, full of character that so perfectly matches not only me, but my book.  I love the palette you picked up from the cover, love the way you have used the vintage views of Paris, especially the way the images slide over the photograph of the Louvre.  In general, you have engineered the information with style and grace.