So, here we are. What you and I may have thought would be a short-term virtual detour has become a long-term “new normal.” The pandemic has forced each one of us to hit pause on some things, and to do very differently those things we continue to do. There isn’t particularly an end in sight, and perhaps you are wisely thinking about how to move from just coping with the situation to a more proactive approach. Perhaps you and your team feel like you’ve been treading water, and now you’re ready to build momentum and actually succeed in this new world.

Erika Harding, Founder and Director of Amplify Consulting & Communication Solutions in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Guest post by Erika Harding. Bio and website below.

How might you take it to the next level? How do you maximize the benefits and opportunities of the new virtual workspace? How do you minimize or mitigate the negatives? How do you strategically build and grow?

First, let’s take a moment to look how far you (and your team or organization) have come. You’ve conquered the daunting logistics of feeding and caring for yourself and your family under a new set of rules and limitations. You’ve adopted new protections and protocols that have now become second nature. You’re probably working from home, and you’ve managed to learn how to Zoom and enable your work team and your family to learn, share, socialize, collaborate and generally function in a virtual space (if you want to improve your Zoom confidence and competency, please check out Online Video Mastery™).

Let’s not minimize these achievements. This is a complicated large-scale global disaster that seems to go on forever. Everyone is swimming in a soup of stress, anxiety and unpredictability, and you are managing to keep going.

So, you (are pretty sure) you can survive this (let’s all hope). But how can you not just survive, but (dare I say it?) … thrive?

Let’s start with the positive, and how to capitalize on the some of the real opportunities and begin to optimize the virtual playing field.

Can you name the benefits of operating in a virtual space? Sometimes it can be easy to forget these, or not see them at all, but let’s really look at them:

Safety – This may seem super basic, but working from home and using #Zoom or other #videoconferencing platforms is keeping you, your family and your team SAFE. Don’t take this for granted.