Taking advantage of all of Zoom’s enhanced features – and using them to create 20 Zoom presentations every month – isn’t easy.

Kirby Davis, Membership Services Associate at the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches in Florida, however, is on top of her Zoom game, and is using the platform to expand the Chamber’s geographic reach while increasing its membership.

Check out how she does it, and feel free to comment below with any questions and I’ll pass them along to Kirby. 

You can watch the video interview above with or without subtitles, or read this transcript:

CHUCK: Hello there. Chuck Moran here. I am the creator of Online Video Mastery™, and I’m fortunate enough today to be joined by Kirby Davis. And Kirby I think of as the Zoom Manager Extraordinaire for a major Chamber in the Florida area, the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches. So , Kirby has been kind enough to sit in with me today to talk a little bit about her Chamber and how they’re using Zoom to support their members. So, Kirby, welcome. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate it.

Kirby Davis

Kirby Davis, Membership Services Associate. Bio, website and the Chamber’s social media links are below.

KIRBY: Well, thank you so much for having me and I am flattered by all of the kind words that you have said to me. I am Kirby Davis, like you said. My actual role at the Chamber is the Membership Services Associate. I am actually fairly new with the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches. I have been here only seven months. So two months in … a pandemic happened. I started this job thinking I was going to be doing one job. Boy, was I wrong! That was far from the truth, but I’m happy about it. I have grown so much, learned so much, so it has all worked out for the best. And for one Zoom saved my career. I have never worked harder in my life because of Zoom.

CHUCK: Job security, right? That’s really great. So what would your job normally have been, had you been able to stick to what you were hired to do?

KIRBY: So my job … I get kind of the fun job. I get to work with the committees that we have. So I help with the Health and Human Services Committee, our Science and Technology Committee just to name a few. Those kind of give some of our members some speaking opportunities to come and great networking opportunities for people to get together, have some lunch, have some breakfast, give out some business cards and listen to somebody explain their business and what they do. And again, just a great networking opportunity. And then when a new business comes into the Chamber, we offer a ribbon cutting, which is always really fun. So people throw parties and I come with giant scissors and really pretty red ribbon with our Chamber logo. And we take a nice fun picture and we do free marketing with it, and we send it to you and we post it a bunch places. And so I get to do a lot of fun stuff, and that’s, that’s just kind of the icing on the cake to my job. And then I do lots of paperwork and stuff with the membership.

CHUCK: Okay. Gotcha. So how long were you doing in person ribbon cuttings and that kind of thing before COVID?

KIRBY: Two months. So I did maybe four or five events before COVID hit, and then now I’m doing maybe 20 Zoom events a month.

CHUCK: Wow. That’s amazing. Well, I should say that I have a friend in Florida who told me about Kirby and told me about her Chamber. And she’s a member of the Chamber there. She was just knocked out by what Kirby and the Chamber are doing to support their members online. And I’m so I’m happy to have her on board so she can fill us in a little bit more about what the Chamber is about and then how she’s using the tools and that kind of thing.

But let’s start with some Chamber basics, Kirby. What can you tell us about the Chamber … when it was formed? How, you know, what your geographic area is and that kind of thing?

We are a regional Chamber, so we have members in Miami and now we have people joining us from Argentina. So we have definitely expanded ... #Zoom #ZoomPro #ChamberofCommerce Click To Tweet

KIRBY: Sure. So we were founded in 1913. We are one of the oldest business developments in Palm Beach County. There are actually 14 Chambers in Palm Beach County. We are a regional Chamber, so we have members in Miami and now we have people joining us from Argentina. So we have definitely expanded, but we are Miami, Fort Lauderdale … Palm Beach County is our main focus, but we are everywhere now. So, so Zoom’s really helped us out.

CHUCK: Really. So the people who are logging on from Argentina, are they actually members or are they just dipping in for the content or what’s that about?

KIRBY: They are actually members. So they, they do have a residence here in Florida. They do have a business in Florida and in Argentina with everything happening with COVID, they are currently residing in Argentina, but when they get the chance, they hop onto our Zoom calls and they participate every chance they get. And they’re fantastic.

CHUCK: Wow. That’s really amazing. Cool. So you say that you do about 20 Zooms a month and are those the outbound ones, and then there are additional ones that are sort of in house collaborations … staff meetings, or is that 20 a month pretty much the total of everything?

KIRBY: 20 a month is our outbound meetings. So, like I said, we’re still doing all of our committee meetings. We’ve even converted some of our ribbon cuttings to virtual. We’re hosting webinars, educational webinars, and now we’re starting with, like, we started a tourism taskforce to kind of help some of the tourism industries here in Palm Beach County. So it it’s just really kind of taken off and trying to give those educational sessions keeps our calendar full because that’s what helps us stay busy and stay open.

CHUCK: Right. Gotcha. And then do you publish the sessions? Do you record the sessions and let people come into them later if they wanted to see them? Are they hosted on YouTube or someplace?

KIRBY: Absolutely. They are on our YouTube channel and on our website. I do believe some of them are private because they are restricted to members only, but there are some available that are open to nonmembers and members, which we have opened up more to members and nonmembers with COVID happening. So we have opened our doors to everybody.

CHUCK: Cool. So, let’s get into a couple of examples. What types of sessions do you do and how long are they typically?

KIRBY: So right before this meeting, I was in a committee meeting for our Women in Business Committee. It’s an hour long. We’ve found that anything more than an hour is way too much and people have Zoom fatigue. They can sit there and listen to you talk for maybe an hour. And that is still cutting it a little close. So, and with the speakers, we usually tell them to talk for maybe 30, 45 minutes, and then we let our attendees introduce themselves at the end. So it kind of gives them an opportunity to say something and gives them a reason to stay till the end and not just jump off immediately.

CHUCK: Oh, that’s a good idea. Yeah. In our Online Video Mastery program, we suggest that people take breaks every 20 minutes, even just stand up and stretch — just get a little movement going, kind of break up the boredom. But, that Zoom fatigue thing, we’ve actually got a guidebook on our website that people can download. And it’s all about Zoom fatigue and what the science is that’s behind it, as well as how it costs organizations in terms of productivity. And then, we’ve got some suggestions on how to defeat it. But man, there’s just new stuff coming out about all that a lot, all the time. So, what kinds of content do you convey in a typical Zoom? If I was logging on from just down the road or Argentina and I’m a member, what kind of content would I typically see?

KIRBY: We have — well, it also depends on the meeting that you’re going into. We’ve had webinars based on HR. We’ve have an election coming up. We have something going on regarding that. We have so many different topics and we try to keep it so there’s a topic for everybody. We don’t want to keep it — there’s only so much we can say about COVID. There’s only so much you can…so today, we had a speaker talk about schooling. We have a breakfast coming up that the superintendent is going to be speaking to us. And that’s a huge event. We’re going to have probably 500 people in that event. So, our smaller committees are max up to 30 people. And then we have our breakfasts, which are 500 people. So it just depends on which event that you’re going to