For most people, there are not enough diversions from the diversions these days. In this digital age, people have become accustomed to high-quality streaming, flicking from one streaming service to another with the click of the remote.

Geraldine Ree-experienced SVP, mentor, facilitator, and speaker

Guest post by Geraldine Ree. Bio and website below.

If you’re hosting a virtual consumer event, competing with all these distractions can be a challenge. The bar is either low or high, depending on your perspective!

To host a riveting virtual consumer event, the goal is to set the bar as high as you can without thinking you need to be the next Emmys broadcast.

Here are 10 tips for tuning up your virtual event game and getting customers buying from you:

  1. Be riveting and vivacious before you start. My mother always said, “People see you before you see them.” Enter the virtual meeting room smiling, confident, and excited to greet people.
  2. Stand up! (And put your heels on, as applicable.) You create a commanding presence and convey energy when you strike a comfortable (yet powerful) pose.
  3. Light your face well and watch for any glare on the screen.
  4. Consider your background. Keep the wall art behind you simple, for instance.
  5. Aim the camera in the upper half of your body with your head in the center of the frame. If you are co-hosting, be sure your screen presences match so that both of you have the same on-screen profile.
  6. Never let them see you sweat. Technology always has its glitches. Chat through the mishaps and make them part of the show.
  7. Lights, camera, and a microphone are must-haves! I’m not here to recommend a