Welcome Online Video Mastery™ Affiliates!

We’re glad you’re here!

The purpose of this page is to provide you with the messaging and tools you’ll need to successfully sign up new clients for our Zoom training. See the section below for an update on where the rollout stands.

Status 20 September 2020

  • module videos complete and under review
  • e-book lead magnet available on the landing page
  • managed lead gen company engaged
  • blog posts (mostly interviews) going up weekly


You’re probably wondering what’s in it for you, right? 🙂 For affiliates conducting direct sales (meaning you make phone calls, conduct followups as needed and join us on the discovery call), your commission will be 20% of the net fee per package sold.

Affiliates who act more as influencers by sending out emails or mentioning the training on social media that result in traceable sales will be paid a flat fee of $100 for each new client. Scripts are listed below. Anyone who gets a prospect to sign up for a 30 minute discovery call will receive a $25 bonus which will be paid right after the call.

As we develop this campaign, we will be grateful for your ideas and input. Please send suggestions and questions to or text me at +1 434.825.8921.

Please review and accept our agreement as you fill out the form below. We’ll acknowledge your application and let you know when this page has new info about the sales process to support you as you line up prospects.

Thanks, and welcome aboard!

Chuck & Dana

Here are the direct sales tools you can use to work with cold or warm leads. Closed sales pay 20% of net fee.

Click on the orange titles to open each panel.

Cold email scripts – send to people you don’t know but think are good prospects2020-09-21T07:21:27-05:00

Option A:
Subject: Introduction?

Are you having the same success with your Zoom meetings as you did face-to-face before the outbreak?

Unfortunately, most online video meetings for [type of business or businesses] aren’t performing as well.

Typically within a 15 minute Zoom meeting I can help you start to turn that around.

We’re doing three calls a day for free to help out during the pandemic.

Would you like to schedule one?

[your name]
Online Video Mastery™



Option B:

Subject: Introduction?

Have you conducted a Zoom Audit yet?

Most [type] teams are having a tough time doing business on video calls.

Would you like to do a 15 minute Zoom Audit (on me) to see if I can make some suggestions?

After helping many types of businesses and non-profits with their video meetings, I’m sure I can share a few ideas during a call to help your organization.


[your name]
Online Video Mastery™

Warm lead email or call script – use with someone you know2020-09-21T07:26:49-05:00

If emailing:

Subject line options:

  • Need any help?
  • I’ve got a question 🙋

Hi, [name],

I was thinking about you and wondering how [your organization] is dealing with online meetings and presentations. So many organizations are struggling with the transition to online … everything!

If you’re having issues with how to manage video conferencing confidently and professionally, my friend Chuck can help. When the virus outbreak shut the Glen Echo Art and Culture Park down, his team at Bald Guy Studio was hired to develop a Zoom training for over 100 art instructors and hundreds of students so they could move their classes online.

Are you having issues like Zoom fatigue? Or with folks showing up in meetings unmuted so you hear their dogs and kids in the background? Do presenters know how to optimize their lighting and audio? Have you made use of Zoom’s security or remote control features?

If you’d like some answers to a couple of questions, just hit reply with what you need and I’ll ask Chuck to help.

Thanks and stay safe out there!

[your name]

  • forward the reply to
  • Chuck will send your prospect a personal video with answers to their questions and send you a copy



If calling, you can use an email to set up a time for your call (not necessary):

You can use an email to schedule your call. Know that it may take several attempts even with a friend, so you may want to go right to the warm lead call script above.

Subject line ideas:

  • Long time, no see!
  • Wow, [name], it’s been ___ years – let’s catch up!
  • I ha